inMarket Predicts the Big Winners on Mother’s Day

May 9, 2019 / by inMarket

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Everyone loves mom — and it’s not just because moms are awesome (they do make the best home cooked dinners or know how to cheer you up when you’re down). Mother’s Day is one of the biggest spending days of the year, and that means huge opportunities for brands to drive revenue.

inMarket has analyzed multiple years of our SDK derived, always-on, precise location data with advanced AI algorithms in order to predict the big winners in visitation increase this Mothers Day.

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Restaurant Winners

Upscale restaurants are expected to see higher foot traffic on Mother’s Day.

  • The top 4 group includes upscale restaurants, as families will likely show their appreciation for mom by wining and dining her at a fancy restaurant.
  • Kona Grill, which filed for bankruptcy in April 2019, is among the top 5 restaurants to see foot traffic higher than its typical average. Mothers Day is expected to provide this restaurant a much needed boost.
  • Several well known casual dining chains are predicted to be popular as well, suggesting that a more relaxed, kid-friendly environment appeals to other families.
  • While restaurants are predicted to be popular, ice cream chains like Ben & Jerry’s and Carvel are also expected to see higher than normal traffic. Whether after an upscale steak dinner, or a belt-loosening buffet, Mothers Day celebrators will always leave room for dessert.
  • Interestingly, although Mothers Day is widely known as a brunch or breakfast holiday, chains like Denny’s (-8.31%) or Waffle House (-10.78%) are expected to see lower foot traffic.

Retail Chain Winners

Mother’s day isn’t just for mom when it comes to retail.

  • Although foot traffic increases significantly at obvious “mom” retailers (like Ann Taylor), there are also increases for several children’s and teen-centric chains (like LEGO and Hollister) as well. Mothers Day isn’t just about mom — in this case, it’s about the family. Mothers Day is a reason for families to get together, and the data predicts that families will browse stores together.
  • Many chains that see lower than average foot traffic are places moms traditionally need to go: non-luxury Household Goods chains like Bed Bath & Beyond (-6.57%) and craft stores like Michaels (-8.05%) will see a drop on this holiday. These chains are frequent “mom” destinations, so families take her elsewhere on Mothers Day.

How We Did It

inMarket combined years of precise location data and AI to predict the big winners based on their visitation frequency growth on Mother’s Day. We first aggregated each location or category’s average traffic prior to Mother’s Day, then observed how much visits increased on Mother’s Day, and finally ranked each location by percent of visit growth from highest to lowest.

So What? Why Should I Care?

Next to using a crystal ball, observing foot traffic patterns is one of the best predictors for trends.

Get the full results for this deep-dive report on Mother’s Day — now available here.
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