When You Should Advertise During Spring 2019

April 4, 2019 / by inMarket

Spring is finally here — and the thaw means more reason to leave the house and enjoy the warm weather outside. inMarket analyzed retail visitation and purchase patterns to reveal consumer behaviors from April to June.

Through the lens of our massive historical data sets, inMarket has identified the most important shopping dates based on the heaviest foot traffic in each retail category. From these insights, many brands have key opportunities to initiate conversations that engage shoppers and drive huge ROI.

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Dads Need More Love

Sorry dads, but Mother’s Day is a bigger shopping day than Father’s Day across all categories. However, both parental holidays are among the busiest 3 shopping days for department stores and among the top 2 shopping days for big box chains during the spring.

Spring is in Full Swing

Spring means warm weather, new growth, outdoor events, concerts, and more. With the thaw in full effect, folks are finding more reasons to get outside. Weekends before or the days during large outdoor events have higher foot traffic across all categories.

Ah-CHOOse Drug Stores

Hay fever season, which typically starts at the tail end of March, was delayed until mid-April due to a colder than average winter. Drug store visitation is higher than the previous quarter — this is an excellent time for connecting with consumers via mobile about allergy-relief products as they enter drugs store chains.

Cinco de Mayo

All categories see a brief spike in foot traffic right before or on the day of Cinco de Mayo. However, convenience stores were the most popular category during this fiesta.

Memorial Day

All categories, except drug stores, saw an increase in foot traffic before Memorial Day, but a decrease during the holiday itself. This shows planning for this holiday is prevalent throughout the country, and that the weekend of the holiday is spent doing other recreational activities besides shopping.

Convenience is King in the Spring

While department stores typically see similar foot traffic as convenience stores in the winter, convenience stores outperform other categories in the spring.

How We Did It

inMarket’s first-party, SDK derived location insights platform measured foot traffic spikes and dips around key days for non-grocery retailers using 50 million Comscore-verified monthly active users.

So What? Why Should I Care?

Next to using a crystal ball, observing foot traffic patterns is one of the best predictors for seasonal trends.

Get the full results for this deep-dive report on Q2 2019 Foot Traffic — now available here.

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