Bloomberg: Loyalty an Issue for Shake Shack, according to inMarket Location Data

June 22, 2017 / by Dave Heinzinger posted in location, inmarket, adtech, location data, restaurants, data, shake shack, loyalty, customer loyalty, retention, bloomberg, news, inmarket insights, insights

Location data can help us predict business trends -- and sometimes, those trends are quite surprising. This week, Bloomberg has featured inMarket location data in its story about customer loyalty at rapidly growing Shake Shack. 

"As Shake Shack Inc. expands across the U.S. from its New York home base, it’s missing a key ingredient: customer loyalty....

Though the upscale burger chain has more prestige than rivals like Subway and Chick-fil-A, its higher prices may be preventing customers from ordering as often."


You can read their full story here, or download the full  Loyalty Report for Restaurants at

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inMarket Location Data Reveals Top, Bottom Restaurants for Customer Loyalty

June 21, 2017 / by Dave Heinzinger posted in inmarket, location data, restaurants

Mobile location data tells the story of the world around us. At inMarket, we use it to power award-winning O2O ad products while analyzing business trends for brick-and-mortar businesses across many categories.

This week, we're using inMarket Location Data to rank the top and bottom Full Service Restaurants (FSRs) and Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) for customer loyalty. It’s the second installment in our inSights program that looks at loyalty across various categories (like retail). We use repeat device visitation from over 50 million anonymous consumers to determine which businesses are performing better (or worse) than average.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 3.28.04 PM.png

In general, the higher a business ranks for customer loyalty, the more likely it is to be thriving and expanding. Contrarily, many of the businesses toward the bottom of the rankings are struggling with bankruptcy, closures and poor sales.

The full report is available at today. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


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Where did Cleveland + Oakland/San Francisco watch the NBA Finals Last Night? 

June 2, 2017 / by Dave Heinzinger posted in location, adtech, restaurants, data, bars, machine learning, NBA, NBA Finals, Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cavs, Warriors

At inMarket, we use mobile location data to predict business trends. This data also helps us understand how consumers are reacting to specific events -- for instance, the NBA Finals. 

Last night, we measured foot traffic across hundreds of bars and restaurants in Cleveland, Oakland and San Francisco as the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors tipped off Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Golden State may have won the first game, but the local businesses are the real winners when their respective teams make the finals. 

Here are the top bars based on foot traffic for each city during Game 1: 



For more location-based insights like these, please visit inMarket inSights or contact us today




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Mobile Location Data Reveals Restaurant Chain Winners, Losers of Spring Training in AZ and FL

April 17, 2017 / by Dave Heinzinger posted in location, location-based advertising, foot traffic, location data, restaurants, spring training, baseball, arizona, casual dining, qsr, mlb, florida

Spring Training is big business for many cities in Florida and Arizona, as teams and their fans make the annual pilgrimage out of the cold to celebrate baseball and sunshine. The Baltimore Orioles, for example, generated over $89MM in economic output for their winter home of Sarasota, FL. The state as a whole drew over 1.5MM fans in 2016 -- setting a 100-year high, according to Gov. Rick Scott.


While teams like the Orioles measure their economic output through official sporting + cultural events and its promotion of Sarasota tourism, they (and other teams) might actually be selling themselves short. There’s a nice side effect that happens when you’re drawing tourists from all over the U.S.: They spend lots of money at in-state and in-city businesses -- specifically restaurants.  

At inMarket, we use first-party, full cycle location data from over 50 million anonymous consumers to understand foot traffic patterns at retail, restaurants, airports, salons and more. Based on that data, we’ve ranked all of the Florida and Arizona restaurant chains based on their share of visits (SOV) during spring training. A positive (+) number indicates the SOV is higher than average, while a negative (-) number indicates that the SOV is below average. This helps us to understand how restaurants are performing relative to their size and number of locations.

Check out the full report below -- or give us a shout directly here

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