Top 25 Grocery Chains with the Highest Loyalty

February 6, 2019 / by inMarket


Grocery chains are hungry to increase shopper loyalty, as it’s a key factor in improving the health of their businesses. While a grocery chain can claim it reigns as the most popular kid on the block, inMarket’s location data with over 50 million comScore verified users prove who really has the most loyal customer base:

Our Findings

  • The number of total stores doesn’t necessarily equate to an increase in shopper loyalty.
  • Grocery chains in urban areas (like Los Angeles) tend to have higher loyalty than their rural competitors (like the Midwest). Geographic areas with denser populations typically attract a higher number of grocery stores clustered together. As a result, this may incentivize customers to take more frequent trips to pick up their meal essentials. On the other hand, rural areas may have fewer grocery stores available and would be a bit more of a trek for shoppers, resulting in fewer repeat trips a month.
  • Customer loyalty index is a barometer that to determine the health of businesses, and helps us understand who’s thriving and who’s not.Repeat customer trends can often predict if businesses will continue to grow or slow.
  • Grocery chains tend to have higher customer loyalty than their retail counterparts. Out of necessity, people typically purchase food more than retail products.

How We Did It

inMarket’s first-party, SDK derived location insights platform accurately profiled, then ranked, the top 25 grocery chains with the highest customer loyalty index using 50 million comScore-verified monthly active users.

So What? Why Should I Care?

Next to using a crystal ball, observing foot traffic trends and analyzing customer loyalty data is one of the best barometers for measuring the health of a grocery chain’s business.

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