Toys “R” Us, Nine West Troubles Validate Predictive Location Data

January 25, 2018 / by Dave Heinzinger

Times are hard for many legacy brick-and-mortar retailers, as ecommerce and mobile-first consumer behavior have changed the rules of the game seemingly overnight.



For Toys “R” Us, a 70-year-old company, the reality has been bankruptcy leading to the closure of 182 stores to stay afloat. For Nine West, Bloomberg reports that a bankruptcy filing is in the works, as the company looks to restructure almost $1.5BN in debt.

Though they’re in very different categories, Toys “R” Us and Nine West do have one thing in common: Low customer loyalty, according to inMarket’s most recent loyalty report for non-grocery retail.

In a story with CNBC, inMarket predicted that Nine West -- which ranked last for customer loyalty -- would likely be next to shutter stores. Toys “R” Us checked in with the 3rd-lowest loyalty score on the list. Given the news this week, both retailers are case examples of the power of inMarket’s location data to predict market and retail trends.

To read the full inMarket Loyalty Report, download the full PDF at To learn more about inMarket’s loyalty rankings or to find out which retailers might be next, please contact us anytime.

Written by Dave Heinzinger

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