Gen Z and the Changing Face of 18-35

July 19, 2017 / by Dave Heinzinger

Last week, our Generational Power Rankings for Retail made the rounds in the press, receiving pickup from Business Insider, Retail Dive and Retail Leader, among others. A few points are resonating -- one, that millennials are cheap, and two, that Gen Z are more likely to purchase luxury brands than their older counterparts.


Gen Z, you say? That's right -- this group (born after 1995) is rapidly emerging into adulthood, and they're throwing brands for a loop. The first step in marketing toward Gen Z should be to take a step back and understand how and where they're shopping. Luckily, mobile location data tells that story.

Check out the full Generational Power Rankings for Retail at for a detailed analysis, or contact us directly today.

Written by Dave Heinzinger

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