Real-Time Readiness: Understanding the Marketing Implications of Apple’s iOS 14 Update

Understand what Apple’s iOS 14 Changes Mean For Marketers and How InMarket Is Ready To Help


In June 2020, Apple announced upcoming iOS 14 changes, effectively expanding existing user permissions that will have reverberating effects throughout the advertising and marketing ecosystem. With iOS 14.5 now live, it is critical for marketers to future-proof strategies today to ensure continued success.

This whitepaper includes:

  • The anticipated changes to consumer data privacy controls and the impact iOS 14 will have on the marketing and advertising ecosystem as a whole.
  • The increased need for data verification and certifications as marketers look to buy location data with confidence.  
  • The rising importance of marketing strategies powered by real-time triggers, not past-time actions.

Now more than ever, it is imperative for future-focused marketers to be real-time ready and engage consumers in the moments that matter. Learn how InMarket, a digital marketing leader with 10 years of experience in the location data industry, is uniquely poised to help marketers deliver real-time marketing activations and drive increased ROAS.



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