How consumers celebrate Easter & Passover during the recovery period of COVID-19 and vaccine rollouts have major implications about purchasing and in-store shopping trends in the coming months. Pinpointing early trends are vital for advertisers to swiftly move with quickly evolving consumer tastes, meet them at their greatest moment of need, and keep branded messaging hyper-relevant to drive strong ROAS.

In this InMarket Easter & Passover 2021 InSights Report, we cover consumer purchase, visit, and survey data to to accurately capture a snapshot of trends in real time, such as:

  1. The top 15 foods and holiday-themed items likely to spike in popularity

  2. The top 10 chocolate brands by weekly average spend

  3. Top big box, dollar store, drug store, and grocery chains likely to see spikes in visits ahead of the holidays

  4. Consumer intent about Easter/Passover celebration plans

  5. Targeting recommendations for brands and advertisers

Stay on top of the latest trends for Easter & Passover 2021 by downloading the report!

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