COVID-19 Behaviors Before & After Report Part 4


InMarket’s COVID-19 Behaviors Before & After Report explores changing consumer sentiments and shopping habits in response to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. InMarket surveyed US based consumers during April 2021 to analyze how consumer feelings and perceptions about in-person shopping, where they shop, and what they buy have evolved since the previous survey in August 2020.

We've found that:

  • Consumers are more willing to shop in-store in April 2021 than in August 2020 across all categories.

  • Consumers have largely shifted away from online-only shopping and more towards in-store only shopping.

  • Beer purchases were less popular, suggesting that with restaurants and bars reopening, consumers may be drinking their pints outside the home.

Tracking these changes in consumer sentiments allows marketers to understand how to best engage and support consumers during rapid times of change.


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