Mobile Location Data Reveals Restaurant Chain Winners, Losers of Spring Training in AZ and FL

April 17, 2017 / by Dave Heinzinger posted in location, location-based advertising, foot traffic, location data, restaurants, spring training, baseball, arizona, casual dining, qsr, mlb, florida

Spring Training is big business for many cities in Florida and Arizona, as teams and their fans make the annual pilgrimage out of the cold to celebrate baseball and sunshine. The Baltimore Orioles, for example, generated over $89MM in economic output for their winter home of Sarasota, FL. The state as a whole drew over 1.5MM fans in 2016 -- setting a 100-year high, according to Gov. Rick Scott.


While teams like the Orioles measure their economic output through official sporting + cultural events and its promotion of Sarasota tourism, they (and other teams) might actually be selling themselves short. There’s a nice side effect that happens when you’re drawing tourists from all over the U.S.: They spend lots of money at in-state and in-city businesses -- specifically restaurants.  

At inMarket, we use first-party, full cycle location data from over 50 million anonymous consumers to understand foot traffic patterns at retail, restaurants, airports, salons and more. Based on that data, we’ve ranked all of the Florida and Arizona restaurant chains based on their share of visits (SOV) during spring training. A positive (+) number indicates the SOV is higher than average, while a negative (-) number indicates that the SOV is below average. This helps us to understand how restaurants are performing relative to their size and number of locations.

Check out the full report below -- or give us a shout directly here

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Did anyone cancel their United Airlines travel plans this week? The foot traffic data says yes.

April 14, 2017 / by Dave Heinzinger posted in location, advertising, foot traffic, united, airports, data, united airlines, airlines

If you've known inMarket for years, you might think of us as the retail and grocery beacon platform. But thanks to our huge audience of 50 million verified consumers and an awesome variety of app partners, we're actually able to measure foot traffic across many different categories. Retail, restaurants, salons, festivals -- even airports. 
The internet turned its attention to United Airlines this past week -- with the mainstream media and even competitive airlines getting in on the action. Social media makes it easy to pile on.
But here at inMarket, we're interested in the data: Did anyone actually cancel their travel plans with United because of the incident last Sunday? 
feat_united04__01 (1).jpg
We decided to take a look at foot traffic in the airline's hubs in Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, DC -- where they don't share terminals with other airlines. It appears that foot traffic in UA terminals was down 8% on 4/11 versus their Monday average; and down 6% on 4/12 versus their Tuesday average.
It's difficult to tell if the drop is a direct result of the incident, or if it's simply the ebb and flow of travel. But it is very interesting that a measurable drop occurred when it did.
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Cameron V. Peebles Joins inMarket as CMO

February 1, 2017 / by Dave Heinzinger posted in location, mobile, mobile advertising, inmarket, beacons, adtech

Today, inMarket is pleased to welcome Cameron V. Peebles to the team as CMO. 

Having previously led marketing initiatives for mobileStorm, Enterprise and Nero Software, Peebles most recently served as Chief Marketing Officer of Airpush, a top global mobile advertising platform. At Airpush, Cameron was credited was bootstrapping the company to $100 million in revenue, while helping the company to rack up a wide array of industry accolades, including Marketing Department of the Year (Gold) at the 2015 Best in Biz International Awards, and Marketing Executive of the Year (Silver) at the 2015 Best in Biz U.S. Awards.

“Since 2010, inMarket has set the standard for real time engagement at the moment of truth and helped brands gain unprecedented advantage through beacon technology at scale. Now, as our space matures and we enter a seventh consecutive year of growth, we know that sharing our vision with the community will be an integral part of our next chapter,” said Todd Dipaola, CEO and cofounder of inMarket. “Cameron has the perfect blend of marketing experience, savvy and the entrepreneurial spirit to lead our marketing team to continued success in the future.”

Cameron’s arrival at inMarket comes at a time of widespread growth for the company known for its market-leading beacon deployments in retail, bars, restaurants and nightlife.

“The strategies and technologies that brands use to engage with consumers in mobile have been consistently improving since the introduction of smartphones nearly a decade ago,” Cameron is quoted in a release issued by the company. “inMarket’s industry leading technology, impressive track record of driving ROI and history of consistent growth is second to none. I’m very proud to be leading the company’s marketing initiatives as we expand even faster and reach many more exciting milestones.”

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inMarket Launches inBar to Create On-Premise Experiences

January 3, 2017 / by Dave Heinzinger posted in location, inmarket, advertising, beacons, marketing, adtech, inbar, on premise

On-Premise advertisers can now talk to bar patrons -- right when they're about to order a drink.

At inMarket, we have a knack for breaking ground in the location-based advertising industry. We were the first to deploy beacons in multiple retailers in 2014, and the first to integrate iBeacon with Apple Watch in 2015. So this week at CES, we launched the first on-premise location platform for on-premise advertisers: inBar


With inBar, hundreds of advertisers -- from the obvious ones like beer/wine/spirits, to the not-so-obvious like fast food/QSR and ride sharing -- can now speak to bar patrons via contextual mobile engagements when they're having a night out. 

Check out what the press had to say about it: 

ReadWrite: inMarket Orders a Round of Beacons; Coming to a Bar Near You Soon

AdWeek: inMarket Supercharges On-Premise Advertising with Beacon Rollout to Bars and Restaurants

Mobile Marketing Watch: inMarket Raises the Bar for Consumer Engagement with inBar Platform

GeoMarketing: Beacons and the "Bar of the Future" come to CES

Street Fight: inMarket Launches Ambient Intelligence Platform for Brands

Want to learn more? Check out the full release below -- or get in touch with us here


inMarket and AMI Entertainment Create Thousands of Responsive Environments with inBar™ Beacon Platform in Bars, Restaurants and Entertainment Venues

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- inMarket built its reputation creating contextual mobile experiences at retail stores for the world's largest brands. Today at CES, the Silicon Beach beacon platform announces inBar™, the ambient intelligence platform for brands to digitally engage consumers in entertainment venues. In partnership with AMI Entertainment, a leader in on-premise entertainment since 1909, inMarket will begin to roll out beacons to 23,000 entertainment venues across the U.S.

Brands can now engage patrons on their most personal device, precisely when they're enjoying a night out. inBar™ will have the power to turn phones into an "AI assistant" – waking up proactively when consumers need it most to facilitate hyper-relevant, second-screen experiences like:

  • Smart jukebox interactions that suggest songs or offer credits
  • Safe ride deals based on context, like being in the bar for 3+ hours
  • Extra swipes in your dating app
  • Drink specials just for checking your fantasy football scores during the game
  • Exclusive playlists or AR content just for being there

The program will reach all Android devices via Eddystone compatible beacons plus 50 million comScore-verified monthly active app users across inMarket's SDK platform.

"From vinyl, to digital and now online-offline convergence, AMI is a proven innovator of state-of-the-art entertainment equipment for bars and restaurants," said Michael Maas, CEO of AMI Entertainment. "We're excited to partner with inMarket to deliver amazing new contextual experiences to nightlife consumers, while creating the opportunity for brands to engage with hard-to-reach, on-the-go millennials."

inMarket's deep experience delivering contextual content at retail makes for a natural extension to nightlife. With a six-year track record of high-ROI results, inMarket has worked with hundreds of top brands on creative and effective mobile moments at the point of purchase.

"With inBar™, we're laying the foundation of the connected bar of the future, while enabling hyper-contextual advertising on premise," said Todd Dipaola, CEO and co-founder, inMarket. "We have six years of experience digitally connecting consumers and brands at retail capacity and we're excited to extend those experiences to bars with AMI as an amazing partner."

inMarket will host demos of the future inBar™ UX at CES in Las Vegas from January 4-7, 2017. For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit For images and UX video, please visit the inBar Media Drive.

About AMI Entertainment Network
With over a century of expertise, AMI creates innovative entertainment solutions for the bar and restaurant industry. Today, the company and its network of operators help over 23,000 locations deliver a multiscreen entertainment experience that drives engagement, revenue, and repeat business.

AMI reaches over 20 million U.S. consumers a month through an integrated entertainment platform that combines jukebox music, games, interactive television, and mobile. As a board member of the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association, AMI's content delivery network enables elite brands to engage key consumer groups on a regional and national scale, while also empowering bars and restaurants to promote their own goods and services through on-demand digital signage capabilities.

Born in Michigan in 1901, AMI Entertainment Network holds offices today in Grand Rapids, Chicago, and Philadelphia. For AMI's latest innovations, visit

About inMarket
inMarket is an integrated mobile moments company powered by its market-leading beacon proximity deployments and the industry's largest verified reach. With billions of first party data points and machine learning algorithms, inMarket creates personalized and instantly relevant experiences based on location context. Brands and retailers use the platform to drive significant lift in sales by engaging with customers at the ultimate point of receptivity. inMarket, headquartered in Venice, CA with offices in NYC and Chicago, has achieved YOY growth annually since launching six years ago. For more information, please visit

Dave Heinzinger
VP, Communications

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Retailer Apps Struggling to Gain Traction Inside the Store

November 1, 2016 / by Dave Heinzinger posted in location, location-based advertising, mobile, in-store, instore, retail, apps, mobile usage, mobile advertising

In its latest whitepaper, inMarket takes a look at consumer mobile usage habits inside of stores.


The findings are a bit surprising: Social, which makes up a huge percentage of mobile usage outside the store, accounts for just 4% of mobile momments inside the store. On the flip side, approximately 55% of mobile moments direclty relate to the purchase decision.

The image above provides a nice overview. If you're interested in a deeper dive, you can download the full whitepaper here

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